The Warandecross is among the most prominent cross country races in Europe, being assigned the EA Permit status. It is organized by the local organizing committee under the auspices of the Dutch Athletics Federation. Traditionally, strong competition at a European level is guaranteed, largely because of the date at which the Warandecross takes place. With usually about three weeks to go before the European Cross Country Championships, the Warandecross offers athletes a final test moment, and for some countries it has even become a final qualification moment.


The Warandecross in Tilburg takes place on the 25th of November, 2018.

Brabant Nations Cup


For some years now, a country meeting is organized during the Warandecross in Tilburg, the Netherlands. About 200 athletes from, among others, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Moldova and the Ukraine participated in this country meeting. It is this country meeting that we want to take to a higher level and establish a Cross Country Six Nations Cup. We believe that cross country running can be made more attractive for athletes. In this note you find some more information on the “Brabant 6 Nations Cup (B6NC)” (note that Brabant is the name of the province in which the Nations Cup is held).

Legal documents

Similar to participation in the Warandecross, in the B6NC only European country teams can participate. Athletes with either a European passport or a European residence permit can be part of a country team. For example, in the Belgian team athletes with a Belgian passport or a Belgian residence permit can participate.


In the B6NC four country team competitions are held: (1) Gala Men (including U23), (2) Gala Women (including U23), (3) Juniors Boys, and (4) Junior Girls. The first three athletes per category are counted for the team position (regardless for which manager/trainer the athletes run).

Team size

The team size is virtually unlimited. All athletes from a certain country run for the country team, but only the first three athletes for each country are up for the winning position.


Prize money is paid to the winning team in each category. Prizes are €1200 for the winning team in the Men and Women’s Gala run (so €400 for each athlete of the respective country). This prize money is paid on top of the individual prize money that the athlete has won in the Warandecross. Payment is organized by bank transfer in the two weeks after the Warandecross.

Starting fees and travelling expenses

Possible starting fees and reimbursement of travelling expenses is unrelated to the teams. This is arranged on the individual level, through the national coach or the team manager.

Note that participation in the B6NC does not replace the individual competition in the international Warandecross. All athletes first and foremost are ranked in the individual listing and related prizes are awarded, these are not replaced by the team prize. The B6NC is an extra competition, on top of the individual competition in the mentioned categories.

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Track and organization

The track at which the race takes place, in the beautiful surrounding of Beekse Bergen, offers you a challenging place for your competition. The track includes grass parts, muddy pools, several tough hillocks, but also some wider lanes at which you can overtake your competitor!
The organization can support in finding accommodation for Saturday night November 24 in the 'Van Der Valk hotel Gilze-Tilburg'. A pasta meal is offered to all invited athletes at Saturday night November 24. The organization will also offer transportation in the Netherlands from and to airport(s) or train stations.

Contact and registration

If you are interested in participating in our race, please contact the athlete managers of the International Warandeloop Frans Heffels or Judith Princen at Be sure to include a short CV with your most recent results.

We trust to present you a strong competition, and thus, an excellent preparation for the European Championships Cross-country in the beautiful surroundings of the "Beekse Bergen". In addition you can expect a warm welcome and a well organized event.

We wish you all the best in your preparation for the upcoming cross-country season and hope to welcome you in Tilburg.